The Charlotte Area Paranormal Society

Established in 2005, the Charlotte Area Paranormal Society (CAPS) is an organization of like-minded, yet diverse, individuals who are adult professionals serving as paranormal researchers and investigators. Our staff is dedicated and committed to the research, documentation, validation, history, and investigation of ghostly phenomena/paranormal activity.

We utilize site visits, extensive client interviews, witness statements, historical, genealogical and geological research, digital audio recorders in search of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), digital/35mm/full spectrum photography, Hi 8/DVR/Full Specrum HD recordings, FLIR Thermal Imaging and scientific measurement with calibrated instruments such as EMF (Electromagnetic Field) detectors.   We employ scientific method and sound investigative techniques and research principles in our pursuit of evidence.

We are based in Charlotte, NC, and conduct most of our investigations in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.  We have also investigated various locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

CAPS Consultations and Investigations are always free of charge.  CAPS strongly advises against using anyone who charges for any of these services.  Reputable organizations and individuals in this field provide their assistance at no charge.

CAPS is a non-profit organization for people to contact when needing information or assistance regarding Paranormal Activity, Ghosts or Hauntings. We are here as a knowledgeable resource for anyone who believes they have experienced a haunting or other paranormal occurrence; to help them understand what is happening and why, and to offer help and propose solutions to those with concerns.

Our goal is to find, photograph and record the voices of ghosts, prove/disprove the validity of claims of "Haunted Places", and document the experiences of ordinary people with the extraordinary world of the paranormal and supernatural. Ghostly phenomena will be researched and investigated with professionalism, confidentiality, discretion, rational logic, scientific method, and an open mind.

CAPS also maintains a separate highly skilled Spirit Remediation Team with over 30 years experience in this specialized segment.  This team is available to consult with those who believe a spirit is present in the home or business, and remediation is deemed necessary.  CAPS Spirit Remediation Team makes no claims or guarantees either explicit or implied.  We simply offer these services in a good faith effort to further aid and comfort our clients.  Referrals to various members and denominations of the clergy are also available upon request.

If you desire a consultation, spirit remediation, or would like to set up an investigation of your home, business or facility, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest.

Tina R. McSwain
Founder & Executive Director
The Charlotte Area Paranormal Society (CAPS)