Ghost Hunting Equipment

Air Ion Counter 

Measures positive and negative Ions in the air
Increase in positive ions has been reported with paranormal activity
Cost several hundred dollars


Household Version
Changes in Atmospheric Pressure have been reported with paranormal activity, especially if it reads “stormy” inside


35mm camera with color film (800 speed or higher), black and white film and/or infrared film
Digital camera
InfraRed camera
Video or DVR camcorders (Hi8 and Night Shot)
Field mounted motion sensor cameras (game cameras)
Surveillance cameras (IR and Night Vision)
Lens wipes


Reported to draw spirits in, however, use caution if burning in high wind or drought areas


Take care when using inside or outside
Calm, still wind situations only
Will signify disturbance with air, as with someone walking by and causing the flame to flicker
Also said to draw spirits in

Colored Lenses or Gels

For use with cameras, place over or in front of le
Varying results have been obtained when taking photos with different wavelengths of color 


Walkie-Talkies (Good distance range 1 mile +)


Great for navigation and direction
Compass will react to any magnetic or electrical stimulus that is out of the ordinary.
Simple boy scout, needle points North version

 Distance Meter

Uses laser to accurately measure distance, great to find range of distance for your equipment to operate best

Dowsing Rods 

Metal (copper or brass) rods with bent handles which are usually sleeved with vinyl or plastic to facilitate movement
Used for ages in locating water, piping
Used to detect paranormal activity

 EMF Detector 

Several Types used for detecting electro-magnetic fields and fluctuations within them
K-II, CellSensor, Electrosensor, Ghost Meter, Tri-Field Natural EM Meter, E.L.F. Zone Meter, GaussMaster, Mel Meter (several varieties) 

Flash Lights 

Extra batteries
Interchangeable colored lenses

Frank’s Box” 

Combination recorder/white noise generator
Used in EVP work on the principle of scanning a frequency

 Full Spectrum Camera 

Captures all spectrum of light from ultraviolet to infra-red
There is some theory and experimentation with different light spectrum ranges to capture paranormal photographs

Geiger Counter

US Cold War Surplus or Current Modern Versions
Checks Beta and Gamma background radiation as changes or fluctuations may indicate paranormal activity


Detects vibration from movement. CAPS is currently experimenting with this technology to determine if it will pick up ghostly footsteps

Ghost Catcher (also called, a Spirit Wind Chime)

Premise here is that the spirit will pass by and cause the ghost catcher to chime much like a wind chime does in the wind. You can use the wind chime that you get in the stores, however, try to get the ones made of the lightest material. You don’t want the arms to be too heavy. For obvious reasons these will not be affective outside or in any area where a breeze or wind is blowing.

You can make Ghost Catchers yourself. Take about 8 to 10 very thin strips of metal each strip. Tie separate strings to each strip. Leave about 6 inches of slack in the string and tie the other end of the strings to a pole or something that keeps the strips hanging down. Tie them about one half inch apart on the pole. The (about one inch wide and about 6 to 8 inches long). Put a hole in one end of strips shouldn’t touch each other but shouldn’t be very far apart either. Hang the pole from the ceiling or in a doorway. Some people paint the strips with glowing paint to make them easier to see at night or in darkened areas of building. Any variation on a wind chime will work. For the best results make several ghost catchers and put them at different spots throughout a house 

HVAC Multi-meter 

Measures air velocity, humidity, CO, and CO2 values. Aids in debunking room or indoor atmospheric conditions


Measures Relative Humidity. A simple one is called a Psychrometer, consisting of a dry bulb and wet bulb thermometer for measurement


Use to mark camera position or other position needing marked
Gives light to staging area, easily portable and no need for power source, uses batteries

Laser Pointers

Keychain version will work just fine, more expensive types come with tripod
Can set up grid with them and see if anything walks through and breaks the beam

Mel Meter

Measures EMF & Temperature

Mel Vibe

Measures Vibration and touch
Just released in June of 2009

Motion Detectors/Sensors

Models with sound alarms and/or lights
Lights would not affect EVP whereas Alarm would
Reacts to movement, paranormal or otherwise

Night Vision Equipment

Scopes (You can also get cheap adapters that will attach the scopes to video cameras.)

Notebook and pens/pencils

Good way to keep notes, records of time, or a journal of events.


The Ovilus is one of many paranormal field experimental devices created by Bill Chappell, a retired electronics engineer and founder of the website. He says the device works by measuring changes in the “environmental” energy fields around it. It modulates the energy changes into audible speech using a synthesizer chip, an extensive English word dictionary, and a function that phonetically sounds out words. Mr. Chappell calls this process ECM or “Environmental Communications Mode” and states his devices do not employ any arbitrary techniques to produce results such as random generation, sweep functioning, or programmed algorithms.

It is a small, light-weight and portable device. Powered by a 9-volt battery, it has two audio-out jacks so headphones, external speakers, or audio recorders can be used simultaneously with the device. It also features a bright array of LED lights to graphically display various readings. It has seven modes of operation, which includes a dictionary mode containing 512 stored words, phonetic mode (sounds out words by syllable), a combination mode (both dictionary words and phonetics) and a “yes” or “no” mode. It also features an electromagnetic field (EMF) mode that verbally outputs EMF levels in milligauss, a level mode that only graphically displays EMF levels, and a dowsing mode that simulates virtual dowsing rods.

 Paranormal Puck 

Also created by Bill Chappell, the Puck has 9 sensors. A and B Voltage, EMF (electro magnetic levels) 1 and 2, and EMF (natural magnetic fields) 1-4, and a temperature sensor. The puck only uses the sensors for that group as you select them, It does not combine all of the sensors to output the text or speech, only the 2 or 4 for that group – voltage, frequency, or ECM. You choose one or the other.

 The puck claims to use 2000 of the most common words in the English language. It has a USB and operates while plugged into a computer. Considered a form of Digital Dowsing.

 Sensor hooked up to laptop with recorder and voice analysis program built in. Computer will “speak” these words based on what is picked up by the recorder and recognized by the program. Both the Puck and the Ovilus are relatively affordable at around $200 each.

Particle Analyzer 

Measures particle size and type


Spirit communication
Variety of materials used for making them (stones, metal)

Pink/White Noise Generator 

To aid in EVP by generating a background noise to carry voices on
Can also use a portable radio set to static AM station


Analog Tape Recorder
Digital Recorder
IC Recorder
External static free microphone
Parabolic Microphone

 RF Meter 

Locates and measures Radio Frequency as in those used to open garage doors

Spot Lights 

Small battery powered spot lights help at night when setting up/taking down cameras and other equipment
Can also be used for safety and to get a better view of the surrounding terrain

 Thermal Imager/Scanner 

Scans area and shows in different colors relative to temperature
Expensive, usually costing several thousand dollars


Old fashion outdoor mercury filled, red line, thermometers
Digital thermometers
IR Temperature Guns (with or without Laser Sighting) all to scan for cold/hot spots

Trigger Objects 

Period items that would be familiar to the entity you are trying to investigate
Place items around the area and denote where and how they are placed to see if they have been moved, leave camera trained on them
Hopefully, these items will elicit a paranormal response


Fishing, Hunting or Photography Vests make great apparel for ghosthunting
Keeps equipment organized and at fingertips when needed
Many pockets and/or compartments easily carry extra film, batteries, etc.

Volt Meter 

Use to test batteries in your equipment to insure proper working level


Start and stop times of investigations, time event occurred
Timing of events duration