Spirit Remediation

CAPS maintains a separate, highly skilled, Spirit Remediation Team. It is the function of this team to meet and consult with home and business owners who believe they are experiencing an active haunting, and educate, assist and empower them to reclaim their homes and businesses, as well as their piece of mind.

Formed in 2006 by CAPS Founder & Executive Director, Tina R. McSwain, the CAPS Spirit Remediation Team is comprised of knowledgeable, vastly experienced individuals who bring together many schools of thought in order to aid clients who need help dealing with an extreme, negative, or presistent spirit presence.

Team Members are:

Tina R. McSwain, CAPS Founder & Executive Director As an experienced paranormal researcher and investigator, Tina bings this expertise to the Spirit Remediation Team.

Renee H.

Jean Lande

Native American Shaman Charlene – Consultant

Susan Parish – Consultant