Tina R. McSwain

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Tina R. McSwain is Founder & Executive Director of The Charlotte Area Paranormal Society or CAPS, and has amassed over 20 years of experience in research and study of the paranormal. She is a native Charlottean, and has been interested in the paranormal since reading Nancy Roberts' North and South Carolina ghost books of the 1960's/1970's. Early TV shows such as Dark Shadows and Kolchak – The Night Stalker aided to further pique this interest.

Since childhood, she has had a profound curiosity about ghosts, hauntings and paranormal events, and throughout her adult life, has continued to learn and gain knowledge in this world around her. Her catalyst for studying the paranormal was her first encounter in 1989 with a full blown apparition of a friend's grandmother. The lady's ghost walked toward Tina, smiled, waved, and then turned around and disappeared. After the initial shock, Tina realized this was a rare occurrence and one she wanted to repeat. Thus, she began to research her experience. Soon after, Tina found and worked with local metaphysical advisors and psychics, and read and studied many volumes on paranormal investigation techniques, equipment used, and the science and theory behind it.

After several years of study, she desired to practice what she had learned. She sought out and joined a number of North and South Carolina Paranormal and Ghost Hunting groups over the years. While serving in varying capacities, she gained valuable experience and continued to learn and experiment with and utilize new technology. Wanting a more professional and scientific based research oriented group, Tina formed CAPS with a small group of like-minded colleagues. Since its formation in 2005, CAPS has assisted hundreds of private home and business owners, historical sites, and government agencies in both the Carolinas and Tennessee who have had concerns of paranormal activity.

When not helping a client, the CAPS team visits reportedly haunted locations, both famous and not-so-famous, in an effort to validate or dismiss these claims. In addition, Tina serves as mentor to area high school students choosing ghost hunting as the subject of their North Carolina High School Project Graduation requirements. Believing that CAPS can make a difference in its community at large, Tina chose The Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina as CAPS Official Charity. Tina and her CAPS team members volunteer their time throughout the year in support of the charity's efforts to end hunger. Tina also speaks to groups at various venues and events to educate the public on the vast world of the paranormal. She has appeared on national internet radio shows on the ParaX Network, as well as others. She has been featured on local radio and television programming, in various print media, and has served as paranormal consultant on a recent TV pilot production.

Under Tina's direction and leadership, the Charlotte Area Paranormal Society continues to aid and support our clients; conduct research, investigate, study and gather evidence of, and document encounters with, the unknown.